Designing into the Client Dream

There are two sorts of interior designers. Those who have a set Look, and those who do not. I am the sort who does not.

Anglophile or Francophile. Bohemian or aristocratic. Monochromatic or polychromatic. Cluttered or streamlined. Bright and carefree, or muted and pensive. Urban or country.

To me, they are each "correct", all of them "right". Classification is actually about client temperament, location or fancy. It has nothing to do with the caliber — high or low — of a design.

So, although I strive to design at a high level, with the touchstones of elegance, refinement and occasional theatricality, I assiduously hold the client as the originator of the category or classification.

When I see designers treat the Dream as incidental, pesky even, it never fails to strengthen my resolve to listen with the utmost care to the brief, and deliver to my client a realization of it more singular, more concentrated, and more intoxicating than they held out hope for.

Forest benchess